A turnkey service has many advantages, with performance being at the top. The project is much easier to handle for the client as they only have to deal with a single supplier for its design and implementation. Moreover, it is this single supplier that assumes the majority of the risk. They must complete the construction project as agreed, on time and on budget. In the event of a problem, the client only has to deal with one person. Finally, quickly establishing a set price reduces or even eliminates the risk of cost overruns.

There are other major advantages to turnkey service, including the fast project turnaround time. The simple fact that the client does not need to deal with multiple contractors for their plans, specifications and calls for tenders saves a tremendous amount of time. Our team takes care of coordinating all of the work by the various professionals, and our own full range of diversified expertise is used to optimize your projects by providing the best possible conditions for success.

We favour the turnkey approach to make life easier for our clients and to provide them with peace of mind. From initial design to concrete results, we will support you throughout all phases of your project. Our company can even help you in your site search, negotiate financing or even manage the building after the work has been completed!