ISO 9001-2008 Certification

Concerned about to become a leader in its sector in 2008 Hulix Construction has established a quality management system, which has enabled us to achieve ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Turnkey Project

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Turnkey Project

Hulix Construction provides a wide range of construction services, from only a design to the completion of a project … this service is called the Turnkey.

Among the many benefits of a turnkey service, performance ranked first. The customer transacting with only one supplier for the design and implementation of the project provides a much simpler management. Moreover, the construction risks are nearly all assumed by the sole supplier making him responsible for completing the construction project as agreed, on time and according to the set budget. Also, if there is any problems during the project, the customer will have the advantage of dealing only with one person. Finally, the rapid establishment of a fixed price reduces or even eliminates the cost overrun risks.

A turnkey service has other major advantages, including the rapid execution. A lot of time is spared simply because the customer does not have deal with the implementation of plans, specifications and bids from multiple contractors. Hulix Construction coordinates itself the work of professionals and optimizes your project by providing the best conditions for success.

Hulix Construction favors turnkey approach to facilitate the work of its customers and offer them peace of mind. From initial design to concrete results, we support you in all the phases of your project. Our company can even help with the search of a land, or lot, with the negotiation of a funding agreement or we can also assume management of your building after completion!

Project Management


Project Management

We will assign a project manager, site manager, engineer and other staff as needed to effectively manage the construction process.

The project management is an embodiment by which a client appoints a firm to assume full responsibility for the organization and management of all aspects of a project and its construction. The Project Manager is entrusted with the following responsibilities: obtaining permits and insurance, needs analysis and the establishment of budget implementation, establishment and management of the timetable, selection and supervision of professionals, validation of plans and specifications, the administration calls for proposals to specialized suppliers and contractors, contract administration and analysis progressive payment applications, production of project status reports and the checking compliance of the book.

Among the advantages of this mode, you will find more expertise, better management of the budget and schedule, design and construction in fast mode, a transfer of risk management and implementation of the project, a better relationship price quality.

The experienced team of Hulix is ​​an essential tool for effective management of each stage of your project, from initial concept to delivery.

Construction Management


Construction Management

The construction management function is integrated into the project management and entrusted to a construction manager.

The team Hulix Construction has made large-scale projects in which it has been entrusted with the management of the construction. As such, a rigorous procedure of implementation has been developed in order to get quality deliverables.

Our construction project management strategy is based on being far-sighted and innovative. Our professional monitoring remains our main asset and always results in delivering high quality projects.

Our Projects


General Contractor


General Contractors

We work as a general contractor in the construction industry in Québec.

Our main areas of activity are: Laval, Montréal, Montérégie, Laurentides and Lanaudière. Hulix is a growing company that specializes both in building construction and civil engineering, as in renovations for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential. The projects that we have are all kinds of sizes; small residential projects to large commercial projects. We appreciate the challenges that allow the team to rally and excel.